Ruta de La Ermita (Oseja)


·Starting point: Oseja
·Estimated time: 1h 45 min
·Type of itinerary: circular
·Technical difficulty: medium
·Physical difficulty: medium
·Total distance: 19,2 km
·Total elevation: 621 m
·Percentage track: 68%
·Percentage trail: 28%
·Percentage road: 4%
Ruta de la Ermita - Centro de BTT Cara Oculta


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The trail Ruta de La Ermita allows us to discover the treasures of the Comarca of Aranda on a circular all-terrain bike route which has the picturesque town of Oseja, in the province of Zaragoza, as a start and end point.

The first thing which will surprise visiting cyclists is an old horse passage which has been restored after years of disuse. It is a small ascent which requires a certain technique for cycling without putting your feet down.

After reaching the top of the hill of the horse passage, the route runs through a beautiful unspoiled valley filled with tranquillity and silence. It is only possible to cross this valley along the route open for the Cara Oculta All-Terrain Biking Centre.

A little further on, a third treasure awaits us: the Chapel of San Cristóbal de Trasobares, where we will be able to enjoy beautiful panoramic views. Additionally, this route passes alongside the area called Peñas Tajadas, a place of scenic and cultural interest, as there are many stories and legends inspired by this place, told by the locals.

Although the majority of this all-terrain bike route is on a track (68%), it has two fun trail sections which make up 28% of the route and which considerably increase its level, as skill will be required to not have to put your feet down at certain points.


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